Fun Things to Do at the Orchard of Concklin Farm

This blog post is all about what you can do at our farm. We are located in a prime location, where there are many things to see and do. Please spend some time with your family driving through the orchard on one of our tractor-drawn hayrides. Grab some delicious apple pies while you’re here!

Visit the Orchard Store

Visit the Orchard Store to pick up some fresh produce or some yummy snacks. We also have a great selection of fresh fruit, apple pies, and other baked goods. The Orchard FARM Store is the perfect place to pick up some fresh produce. Packed with all types of delicious apples, pears, and other fruits, this store has a little bit for everyone! Please stop by today before your next trip back home. Either way, make sure that you don’t miss out on their wide selection of local produce.

Head over to the farm stand for a variety of locally grown fruits and vegetables.

It’s also an opportunity to support local farmers, who maintain sustainable practices that promote ecological balance while preserving farmland for future generations.

You can also find baked goods like honey buns, cider doughnuts, and apple pies. If you are looking for a special treat, there is always the orchard where you can pick your apples (in season) in the fall. This is perfect if you have kids, as they will love to go picking their fruit! It’s so much more fun to go on a hayride with your friends or take some time out from the hectic city life and enjoy nature.

Pick out your favorite apple, peach, or pear and enjoy it right there in the orchard! There are many fun activities to do here, for example: -pet the animals on our farm (chickens, goats, horses), go on hayrides, go pumpkin picking, and play mini games! Our mini golf is one of our popular attractions.

Suppose you develop a love for golfing while visiting our orchard. We recommend you buy the right golf gear, including swing analyzers, which are amazing devices that can help you improve your swing. You’ll also need a simulator so you can play on courses around the world from your home. Before long, you’ll become a badass golfer.

We also have an incredible corn maze where you can enjoy yourself with your friends or family. Just come out and try it out.

A visit to the farm stand is an excellent way of picking up nutritious fruit and vegetables.

We have a lot of fun activities to do on our farm!

Take a hike around the property and explore its natural beauty.

Orchard is a great place to have the kids do some exploring. In addition, there are plenty of family-friendly activities you can do on our farm such as:

  • Apple Picking and Baking
  • Harvesting Pumpkins for Halloween Decorations
  • Picnics with Farm Fresh Food or Treats from Local Vendors
  • Train Rides around the Orchard
  • Corn Maze in the Fall Season

I like getting out to take a walk through nature, but sometimes I forget how close it is. Conklin Farm has an orchard where we grow apples, peaches, cherries, and more. I’ve been going to the orchard for years, and it’s really become a family tradition at this point because everyone loves picking apples! We can also take some of our own homegrown fruit home with us if we want to make a pie later on down the line.

A great way to get out around the farm is by taking a walk around our orchard.

We have a variety of fruit trees out there, as well as other types of flora to see! There are different areas where you can find wildflowers if that’s something you’re interested in seeing. I like getting outside and breathing some fresh air while enjoying the fantastic view from high. I would highly recommend hiking or taking a nice walk through the farm because it’s so peaceful and relaxing!

Conklin Farm is a fantastic place to spend time with your family, friends, and loved ones. It brings you back to nature in more ways than one.

Have fun exploring all that this historic site has to offer.! We hope to see you here this season!

We have been a prominent fixture in Rockland County for over ten generations. We take great pride in our history and our community. Step away from your busy life for a while and spend some time on the farm then. Pick your produce, visit our farm stand, and taste our fresh-pressed apple cider. Our bakery will tease your taste buds with delicious pies, cookies, and pastries.

In the end,

Concklin Farm is a great place to visit year-round. You have to pick your apples, pumpkin picking in fall, egg hunts and hayrides for the kids during springtime, summer corn mazes, and more! Don’t forget to stop by their market with fresh produce from other local farms too. It’s always refreshing to see an old-school farm that still thrives off of tradition instead of high-tech machinery.

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