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The Orchards of Concklin have put a stamp on the Pomona region. The Pomona region is named after the goddess of fruit in honor of Nicholas Concklin, the founder of the farm.

The Concklins first came to America in 1637 from Nottingham, England. John and Anias Conklyn were members of the first Presbyterian Church of Salem, Massachusetts. The family migrated to Rhode Island, then across to Long Island. The Concklins settled in Cutchogue for a while and then moved up to Eastchester in Westchester County.


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About Orchards of Conclin

We have been a prominent fixture in Rockland County for over ten generations. We take great pride in our history and our community. Step away from your busy life for awhile and spend some time on the farm. Pick your own produce, visit our farm stand, and taste our fresh pressed apple cider. Our bakery will tease your taste buds with delicious pies, cookies, and pasteries. If you can’t make it to us, we’ll come to you. We attend numerous farm markets throughout the tri-state area. We’re sure to be in a town near you.

Pick Your Own

Everything Fresh 

During The 2001 Pick your own season there are going to be a variety of special events in which children and adults can participate.


Dairy Farm,
a History

In 1829 The Concklins bought a small dairy farm at the end of south moutain road. In 1840 Josiah Concklin bought the Gurnee Farm which is now know as the orchards of Concklin. There was also a Josiah Concklin born in 1837 and died in 1912. His son Ervin Concklin operated a 400-acre farm here until 1920’s. It was a dairy and general farming operation. He spends the winter cutting and hauling wood to brickyards in Haverstraw. Each year he bought another 10 acres of mountain or swamp and cut wood off it. In this way he accumulated about 500 acres of land. 


Freshes picked fruits for you to be refreshed

Bread Salad

A combination of salad made from fruits and vegtable, with a bread healthier for you.

Fruit Juice

Fresh made juices to satisfy your thirst and make you feel replenished as if you dive into the depths of the ocen.


News & Events

The Green Markets

The Green Markets

We will be seasonally present on these green markets. Tuesdays: Bowling green (NYC)8:00am- 5 :00pmSeaport (NYC) 7:00 am- 5:00 pmLiberty Park (NYC) 8:00 am - 4:30 pm Wednesday: NY Botanical Gard.(Bronx) 10am-3am Tribecca (NYC) 8:00 am - 3:00 pmUnion Square...

Pick Your Own 2019

Pick Your Own 2019

Dates: September 6tht thru October 26thApples- Pears-PumpkinsAvailable Saturday and Sundays ONLY 10 AM - 5 PMdates are approximate- check ahead for weekly dates Pick Your Own:  Pears   Apples September 6th, 7thd(labor day)  Clapps Favorite...

Special Season

Special Season

Thank you for visiting The Orchards of Concklin. On our web page you will be able to find information about our farm and what type of activities we will be having on the farm for the 2001 fall season. Please feel free to browse around and if you have any questions...

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